We utilize cutting edge equipment that is well-maintained to efficiently achieve clients’ production goals and timelines.

Golden Bear Drills

The Golden Bear is a powerful and reliable diamond drill, developed in conjunction with a team of drillers and engineers with more than 20 years experience. It is manufactured in Val-d’Or Quebec, one of the cornerstones of the industry. Consistent with market needs, this powerful surface drilling rig offers great depth capacity of over 1800 m using BWL rods , they are fully equipped with a sturdy design.

A5 Drills

A5 1300 m N is a great capacity helicopter portable drill rig. Mounted on two separate and compact skids. This surface rig offers pure power yet convenience for transportation in mountainous or remote areas.

BBS-37 Surface Drills

A medium to deep capacity drill. We are able to move this drill by helicopter or drag in a unitized drill shack.

Duralight 500N

A light weight helicopter portable drill constructed entirely out of aluminum. That is capable of drilling holes to 500 meters N.


The EF-50 is capable of drilling to a depth of 5000 ft or 1,524 m NQ and with a slight modification the depth can be greatly increased. This helicopter portable drill is designed to be dismantled and transported into remote locations.